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Upsender stands out in the email management landscape with its creativity, communication, legal compliance, and unwavering focus on metrics. Our team’s years of experience and honed skills enable us to maximize your e-mail revenue in the health and wellness niche. Whether you need help with inbox deliverability, crafting captivating copy, or navigating the ever-changing email landscape, Upsender has you covered.

Justin Francisco

Justin Francisco’s remarkable track record as an email marketing maestro and his commitment to helping high-producing health and wellness products set him apart as an industry leader. Together, their expertise and dedication form the foundation of Upsender’s unrivaled services.
Justin Francisco is a dedicated family man who finds great fulfillment in being a loving dad and husband. Since 2012, he has successfully managed and nurtured over 100 email lists, resulting in an impressive revenue of over 100 million through his exceptional email marketing efforts. In a significant milestone, Justin sold his affiliate marketing CPA network, Nexus Offers, to SMFL, a prominent public company, in 2021.
Driven by his passion for supporting high-producing health and wellness product owners, Justin co-founded Upsender in Early 2022. This exciting venture aims to significantly enhance the email revenue of these entrepreneurs. Upsender has established itself as a trusted partner, managing the email lists of several top publishers in the health and wellness sector.
When Justin isn’t focused on email campaigns, he values quality time with his wife and two children. They enjoy taking vacations to escape the weather in Rochester, NY. Justin also enjoys reading, golfing, meditation, and staying active through regular workouts.

Ryan Healy

Ryan Healy is a visionary in the world of copywriting and email marketing. His expertise in crafting persuasive copy for renowned clients and extensive email list management skills have generated substantial revenue for numerous businesses.
Ryan Healy has been married to Stephanie since 1999 and has six children. Yes, SIX! Ryan has also been a full-time copywriter since 2002. During that time, he’s written copy for 250+ clients, including Organifi, BiOptimizers, Earth Echo, Agora Financial, and Dedicated Emails. He’s also worked with well-known business leaders like Danette May, Ray Higdon, Chris Haddad, Alex Mandossian, Terry Dean, and Josh Bezoni. Ryan began managing email lists in 2015. He’s been in charge of sending hundreds of millions of emails since then, which have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. When Ryan’s not writing copy or managing email lists, you’ll find him taking care of his kids, reading classic literature, riding his recumbent bicycle, or spending quality time with his family.

Jasmine Perry

Under the guidance of our Vice President, Jasmine Perry, Upsender excels in ensuring exceptional email deliverability and revenue optimization. Jasmine’s proficiency in monetization, engagement, and split testing, combined with her attention to detail, prompt responsiveness, and ability to adapt to customer needs, make Upsender feel like an in-house team dedicated to your success.
Jasmine has over a decade of experience in the direct response industry. Before joining Upsender, she was the VP of Internal Marketing at an Agora company, where she was responsible for the monetization, engagement, and deliverability of over 20 different lists, including the strategy and analysis of hundreds of split tests each year. Over the years she’s developed products, overseen copy compliance, copy-chiefed, and also written winning email and promo copy. Jasmine loves to read, be outside, and most of all, be a mom to her toddler daughter. Jasmine lives in Maryland with her husband Alex, her daughter Luna, their dog Ellie, and their cat Cheese.

Owen Healy

Owen is a dedicated and detail-oriented email list manager at Upsender. Despite his youth, he has quickly excelled in his role, demonstrating great ability to manage and optimize email lists effectively. Outside of work, Owen enjoys an active lifestyle. He is passionate about weightlifting and soccer, often spending his time on the field or in the gym. Owen also enjoys quality time with his friends and family.

Yeng Lorenzo

Yeng combines a passion for object-oriented application development and designing task simplifications through automations with a flair for creating detailed manuals and documentation. Their technical expertise is complemented by a rich background in IT technical support and administrative assistance. Outside of their professional life, Yeng is devoted to family, celebrating four years of marriage and the joy of parenting a spirited three-year-old daughter.

James DeSantis

James has been crafting compelling copy and managing email lists for six, seven, and eight-figure brands since 2019, including renowned companies such as, Sunwarrior Superfoods, and Detox Organics. Before transitioning into the world of internet and direct marketing, James spent several years in corporate sales.
His expertise lies in copywriting and staying abreast of the latest health trends, passions that were ignited after overcoming personal health challenges. This journey into the industry was fueled by his newfound knowledge and skills in copywriting.
When he’s not writing copy or managing email lists, James can be found training in Muay Thai, lifting weights, or immersing himself in health and business literature.

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