Tailored Solutions for you

Upsender recognizes that each business has similar yet unique goals. We work with you to meet the unique needs of your businesses. Whether you’re focused on General Health, Beauty, Pain Management, or weight loss. Or your specialty is HVAC, Window, Carpet Cleaning, Chimneys, Interior Design… Our tailored solutions are designed to enhance your marketing efforts and deliver meaningful outcomes.

Email Marketing

At Upsender, our email marketing services redefine how businesses connect with their audience. We go beyond the ordinary, offering innovative solutions that elevate your brand and drive engagement.

We fix and repair your email issues. We have a team of experts that you’ll think are in the office with you on your team. We focus on deliverability and revenue generation. 

  • Increasing List Revenue
  • Email Deliverability & Inboxing
  • Domain & IP Reputation Monitoring
  • Getting Emails Out of Spam
  • List Segmentation
  • Maximizing Clicks
  • Email Copywriting
  • Split-Testing (Copy, Images, etc)
  • Autoresponders & Journeys
  • Reactivating Inactive Subscribers
  • Internal Sale & Promotion Strategies
  • Negotiating the Highest Affiliate Payouts
  • Collecting Commissions (So You Get PAID!)


Our Fee is 100% Performance-Based

We only make money if you are making money.  If you aren’t generating at least 30-40% of your company’s revenue through emails, then let us help you. 

Here are Some of the Problems Upsender Solves

Don’t have time to review autoresponder sequences or schedule offers daily?

We’ll take all of that off your plate and make sure it gets done right and on time. We edit and test your autoresponder emails for maximum delivery and revenue potential – a huge time saver for you.

No problem. We mail tens of millions of emails every month. We know the best offers to send – and the best email creatives to use.

We have exclusive relationships with key networks and offer owners. We make sure you’re getting the highest CPAs and rev shares. That means more money in your pocket – instantly.

We have built-in quality controls to make sure links are working prior to scheduling every single email.

We can audit your ESP and see what’s really going on. All too often, there are major deliverability problems. If you think there’s a problem, there probably is. Don’t stay in denial… contact us to help you fix it.

We’ll use multiple strategies to “wake up” those subscribers and bring them back into your active segment.

We test all emails prior to scheduling to make sure they’re inboxing. If they Spam, we revise or rewrite the email until it hits Primary.

Once you become an Upsender client, we’ll run your offer to other lists that Upsender manages. This provides a steady flow of quality traffic month in, month out.